Custom Solutions

Custom Online Ordering Solutions

Every business is unique in some way so why should they have to fit into a standardised online ordering platform?

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to seamlessly add online ordering to your business, so that customers can pre-order online from a mobile, tablet or pc, for pickup and/or delivery, driving sales and expanding your customer reach.

We believe our offering is not only the best on the market, but our ability to customise the system around your business means that we also offer you confidence that no matter what type of item you want to sell online or how you want to sell it, Appetites! will be able to handle it now and in the future.

The System at a Glance

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Customisable system to suit your business
  • Integratable with your current POS system
  • Versatile system to suit many industries
  • Compatible with Paypal, Fat Zebra, Secure Pay and eWay
  • Developed in-house in Sydney, Australia
  • No two systems are ever the same!

Customised to Suit your Business

Why couldn’t we have a system that has all the core features, but is still versatile enough to handle different food types, beverages, deals and customisation? We do now… Appetites! will work around your business instead of you squeezing your business into a cookie-cutter style system.

Cafe’s, Pizza Shops, Restaurants, Franchises and other QSR’s all want it, but each business is unique so we developed a platform that could service them all in their own unique way.

Over the years we have invested a lot of time and money into ensuring our online ordering platform is of the highest standard. It has been completely developed by our own in-house developers in Melbourne. We are able to integrate with your current POS provider or run the system independently.

Appetites! now makes it feasible for businesses to offer a fully branded online ordering platform without the overheads and time of their own development, which helps the business achieve its goals faster with less risk and maximum return on investment.

Although there are a number of online ordering services in the market place, none of them offers such a highly versatile and well-built system that could do anything our customers require as if it was their own custom built a system without the overheads of actually developing their own. That’s right… you can ask for a custom feature and we can develop it for you. No two Appetites! systems are ever the same!

Still unsure about Appetites!? Read through the FAQs.