Our Frequently Asked Questions

1Do I need a Point of Sale System (POS)?
No. Our online ordering system Appetites! has been designed to run independently. If you do have a POS system, depending on the manufacturer we can look at integration if required.
2Do I need an Internet Connection?
Yes, you will need access to the internet as this is how the online ordering system receives its orders. However you do not need a contract or hard wired connection with your internet provider. We can assist with the purchase of a pre-paid wireless internet account which is portable and cost effective. Our devices can also take sim cards so that you can access the internet via 3/4G.
3What hardware is required?
No existing hardware is required. We will supply our Appetites terminal which consists of an all in one tablet and thermal printer.
4Do I need an existing website?
No, we can speak to you about creating a simple one page website that can link through to the online ordering system. We can also offer you full web design, email and hosting services if required.
5What happens if I already have a website?
Fantastic! We can upgrade your existing website if required, or we can customise the online ordering system to look like your existing website. The two websites will be seamlessly linked so that your customers never have to leave your website.
6Can I update the website/ordering system myself?
Yes. The Appetites! Online ordering system has an easy to use administration area for you to edit everything including your menu and prices, delivery fees, online trading hours, coupon codes and much more. Make sure you visit our features section for more information.
7Can I accept Credit Cards online?
Yes, customers can pay using credit card (whichever cards you accept). We offer the option of automatic payment processing (where the money is transferred directly into your account) via your bank or a secure gateway daily. You can also accept COD, PayPal or other payment gateways requested.
8How do I grow my customer database?
Easy. Every time a customer places an order through your online ordering system, it will be saved in the database. To retrieve this information, simply login to the administration panel to export the data and notify your customers of special promotions or upcoming events.
9What does the Appetites! system cost?
Each and every customer has different needs and requirements. The Appetites! the online ordering system is a customised solution for each client. Please contact us for an obligation free demonstration and quote.

Happy Memories

  • Roy
    We've been using the Appetites online ordering system for several months now, and it works really well. We get several orders coming in directly each day, and that's icing on the cake. We still get orders from other sites, but we get to keep all the profits from the ones coming in from Appetites. It just makes sense.
    Roy's On Melville

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